GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Welcome to my extensive review of the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch corded electric lawn mower. I have completed an in depth research of this mower, and will be giving you a full and complete review. I will be telling you about the specifications and benefits you can expect, and also what the common opinion is from other owners. If you click through any of my provided links, I may receive a small commission, and your support is greatly appreciated. If you know you already wish to purchase this particular top rated electric mower, and do not want to read through the review, you can head over to to purchase the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch lawn mower.

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower Features and Specifications

  • 12 Amp Electric Motor delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass
  • Durable steel 20-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently
  • 3-in-1 feature provides multiple options for grass clippings from rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capabilities for versatile needs
  • 7 position height adjustment offers a range of cutting heights from 1 1/2-Inches to 3 3/4-Inches for the perfect cut on all grass types
  • Wide 10-Inch rear wheels and 7-Inch front wheels.

Your lawn will have a nice even cut to it, and you will struggle less with thick lawns, because the GreenWorks 25022 is equipped with a powerful 12 amp electric motor. Although this isn’t the most powerful motor you can get for an electric lawn mower, it has plenty of power to make your grass cutting efficient. You will not need to walk at a snails pace to make sure every blade is cut.

There will be no need to adjust each wheel independently, only to find out after you have mowed a few paths, that one wheel was set wrong. The height adjustment is very easy to set from 1 1/2 inches to a height of 3 ¾ inches, with the one-handed height adjustment knob. If you like to keep your grass taller in the warm season, and cut it lower for the winter, you now have a convenient and easy way of doing so.

The mower is built with a steel deck, so if that occasional rock does get sucked in to the blades, you are not going to have to worry about a broken plastic deck, like with most electric lawn mowers. The steel deck adds to the weight of the mower, tipping the scales at about 56 pounds, however, it is still lighter than a gas powered mower. You will still be able to push this mower around one-handed if you want to use the other hand for holding on to the cord.

You will cut plenty of grass with each path, saving time when it comes to lawn work. The 20-inch wide deck, makes this one of the widest walk behind push electric mowers on the market. The mower is easy to push through the grass with the larger 10 inch rear, and 7 inch front wheels. The wheels give for a smoother push, and a smoother cut. When the mower is easier to push, you will experience less fatigue.

You can decide how to deal with the grass clippings with the three handy options. You can bag, mulch, or shoot the grass out the side. It is very simple to switch between each one of these methods, depending on what you want to do. You will not need to wrestle with the bag, or mulch plug if you want to make a change between mowing jobs.

This is definitely a feature packed, and simple electric mower to use. Great on large and small yards alike. If you want to learn what other owners thought, keep reading, but if you have made up your mind, go over to Amazon to purchase the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp corded 20-Inch electric lawn mower at the best price.

Customer Opinion for the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

With currently 1831 reviews over at Amazon, the GreenWorks 25022 is definitely one of the most popular electric lawn mowers for sale. Out of all the owners that have left reviews, 84% of them left 4 or 5 star ratings. Currently this mower is receiving an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

This mower gets top reviews from owners because of its convenience, and ease of use. The setup is a snap right out of the box. One owner commented they had their new electric mower up and working before the exhaust from the UPS truck had dissipated. The one-handed deck height adjustment is also a big favorite of the owners that left reviews.

Even though this electric mower comes with a powerful 12-amp motor, some owners had issues with the lack of power. It is important to use the correct extension cord when using this and any electric mower, and if cutting tall grass to start at the highest setting and work down to your desired height.

Many other owners did not have complaints about the power, in fact they thought it was a nice powerful mower, and cut through their thick grass well. If you would like to read all the reviews that were left by owners, you can head on over to Amazon to read the opinions of owners of the GreenWorks 25022 corded electric lawn mower.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to get away from the smelly and noisy gas powered lawn mowers, this mower would be a great alternative. It comes with nice features, like the one-handed height adjustment, and a durable steel deck. Overall, owners have rated this electric mower positively. Even if you have a larger yard, this mower will work for you. A few owners reported using this mower on a ½ acre lot or even larger. I do not think you can go wrong with the purchase of a GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-Inch corded electric lawn mower. The best price can be consistently found over at

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