Black & Decker EM1500 10-Amp 15-Inch Corded Electric Mower with Edge Max Review

Designed for cutting efficiency and corded power for convenient yard care, the Black & Decker EM1500 corded mower with Edge Max starts easily with just a push of a button, offering a smart, no-mess alternative to gas powered lawn mowers. You’ll save time by eliminating the frustration of pull cords, the hassle of mixing gas and oil, trips to the gas station, and engine maintenance.

Featuring a 10 amp motor and 15 inch light-weight deck, the EM1500 has a cutting height range of 1 inch to 3 inches, plus a convenient single lever height adjustment raises or lowers all four wheels simultaneously. The durable and lightweight cutting deck never rusts and is easy to clean. For convenient storage, the mower’s handle folds down so it fits nicely in small spaces in sheds or garages.

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Black & Decker EM1500 10-Amp 15-Inch Corded Electric Mower Features and Specifications

  • 6-position height settings
  • Patented EdgeMax technology allows up-close cutting
  • Low profile design for under-shrub access
  • Compact & Go collects up to 25% more grass for less emptying
  • Grass bag included


Get up close and personal with your surroundings. New EdgeMax technology lets you mow close to the edge of fences and borders for a neater, more professional-looking job.

Cord Wrap System

For convenient management and storage of power cords, the Black & Decker 15 inch provides a cord wrap that slides along the mower’s handle to prevent the cord from getting in the way or underfoot./

Compact & Go

Black & Decker’s unique Compact & Go system stores up to 25% more clippings, so you don’t have to stop and empty the collection bin as often.

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Owner’s Opinion on the Black & Decker EM1500 10-Amp 15-Inch Corded Electric Mower

The reviews for the Black & Decker EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp at have been mostly positive and it currently has a review rating of 3.8 stars.

The Negative Reviews

The majority of the customer feedback for the Black & Decker EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp has been very positive. There have also been a few complaints made by the reviewers and we will discuss some of them now for the benefit of our readers.

The biggest complaint about the Black & Decker electric 15 inch mower has been about the poor quality of the product, specifically with regard to the height adjustment tool that failed for many users and caused the mowing deck to fall down into their yard and cut into the turf while mowing. This was such a problem for customers that it was repeated throughout the reviews and noted as one of the worst features of the product.

Another issue that buyers had was that the grass clippings clogged in the deck instead of discharging or being thrown into the collection bag. Consumers had to continuously stop the mower, unclog the grass and then turn the mower on again.

There were several design flaws that buyers mentioned, including having flimsy plastic parts.

The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative comments about the Black & Decker EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp that we have just discussed, the majority of the customer feedback has been positive and 45% of the reviewers have given the product a 5-star rating.

What buyers really liked about the Black & Decker electric mower was that it did what the manufacturer said it would do and consistently started, performed well and left a nicely mowed lawn.

The biggest advantage of owning this electric mower was expressed by most reviewers- not having to purchase gas and oil, or be left out in the yard after running out of gas. Customers enjoyed the freedom of owning a quiet, electric mower that started up quickly and got right to work.

Even with some small issues like sporadic uneven cuts to their grass due to the height adjustment lever failing, buyers felt strongly enough about this product to leave it a 5 star rating.

Customers who had previously owned an electric mower made mention that the Black & Decker 15 inch cut was superior to their previous model for many reasons, including its lightweight deck, better maneuverability through multi-terrain, low profile for fitting underneath brush and trees and of course, the EdgeMax technology for getting very close to perimeters.

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Final Thoughts on the Black & Decker EM1500 10-Amp 15-Inch Corded Electric Mower

Would we recommend the Black & Decker EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp to our readers?

Yes, and here is why:

The Black & Decker EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp is a pretty good buy for the money, although it does not meet every need when it comes to mowing. For smaller yards it has satisfied a lot of customers, however for larger yards, a wider cut may be necessary.

We’ve seen from reading reviews that there are some design flaws that the manufacturer needs to address for this product to be a complete success across the board. We would recommend this mower for the homeowner with a small in-town yard looking for a quick and easy means to keep their lawn in good shape. However, if you are not comfortable risking the design flaws on your purchase, we would like to recommend you read our review on the best selling GreenWorks 25022 12 amp 20 inch corded electric lawn mower.

The manufacturer recommends that a heavy-duty power cord be used with this product to maximize power to the mower. Using a light-duty power cord with this mower will result in less power and performance and decreased lifespan of the product over time.

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