Best Electric Corded Lawn Mower Reviews

Finding the best electric lawn mower for your personal style and yard can be a difficult task. There are small electric lawn mowers, that are great for small yards, or specific areas in large yards, then you have larger sized electric mowers that make a great replacement for your typical gas powered lawn mower. Reading the extensive reviews on this site will help you get a better understanding of which is the right one for you.

Our electric lawn mower reviews take a look at many of the popular models put out by some of the top brands in the world. The brands that are currently covered on this site are Black & Decker, Earthwise, and GreenWorks. If you are in the market for a corded electric lawn mower, one of these top brands will have a model that is perfect for you.

To help decide which of the electric mowers will be a great fit for your lifestyle, you need to keep in mind the size of your lawn and your grass type. If you have a real dense thick grass, you will be better off with a mower that has a higher amp rating, which translates in to more power for cutting through the grass. If you have a small yard, or yard with lots of obstacles, it is most likely that you would not want to go with a 20-inch wide electric lawn mower. Although a wider mower can cut your mowing time down, a larger mower is typically is not as maneuverable compared to a 12-inch mower. It is possible a 16-inch electric mower will be a great balance of the features you want for a good price.