4 Things to Look for When Buying a Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing corded electric lawn mower, or replacing a gasoline powered mower, I want to give you some things to consider before making your purchase. I think there are four tips that can be helpful to keep in mind, cutting width, dealing with grass clippings, motor power, and cutting height. Continue reading to see these tips in more detail.

Cutting Width

Corded electric lawn mowers come in different cutting widths that range from 14 inches up to 20 inches. The cutting width is the width of the path that is cut by the mower, this is different than the deck width. The cutting width is less than the deck width. manufacturers tend to advertise the deck width, so finding the actual cutting width might be difficult. The larger the cutting width though, the faster you will be able to mow the lawn and get on to other projects and fun activities.

Generally, the larger the cutting width, the more the corded electric mower will cost. Some manufactures include different features on the larger models as well. You will need to consider if the added cost is worth the extra deck width, and the extra features.

A corded electric lawn mower with a smaller deck width is more maneuverable. When deciding on your deck width, consider the layout of the yard. If you have small paths that need mowed, like between flower beds, trees, or other landscaping, this may be a deciding factor in how large of an electric mower you can purchase. It is not uncommon to purchase a small electric lawn mower for these types of areas in your yard, and a larger mower for the rest of the lawn.

Dealing With Grass Clippings

The majority of corded electric lawn mowers are 2-in-1 models. This means they can mulch, or side discharge grass clippings. Mulching is generally better for the lawn, because it adds nutrition back in to the soil. If you like to bag your clippings though, you will need to look for a 3-in-1 model, which can mulch, side discharge, and bag the grass clippings. These tend to be larger models.

Amp Rating of motor

The power for a corded electric lawn mower is determined by the amp rating of the motor. The higher the amp rating, the more powerful the motor, and the opposite is true, the lower the amp rating, the less power the motor has. Thicker types of grasses will require a more powerful motor. A mower with a powerful motor will struggle less cutting thick grass, and result in a much better cut of the lawn. You should also consider a more powerful electric motor if you tend to let your grass grow quite long between cuttings. It takes more power to cut and mulch grass that is significantly above the cutting height of the mower. It is recommended to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height each time you mow.

Cutting Height

The length of your grass comes down to the species of grass, and personal preference. When choosing on the corded electric lawn mower to purchase, it is important to make sure that the mower has the cutting height range you are looking for. Unless you like the look of short grass, or have a species of grass that needs to be kept short, I find that 3 inches is a good height. Longer grass tends to need less watering, and it helps to shade the soil to reduce the number of weed seeds that germinate.

Whether you decide to purchase your corded electric lawn mower online, or in a local store, I hope these tips help you decide on the perfect mower for you. if you are not sure where to start, I strongly suggest you checkout the best selling GreenWorks 25022 12 amp 20 inch corded electric lawn mower. This mower tends to meet the majority of people’s needs. The link will take you to the complete review of the mower.

Advantages of Using Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, you might want to consider a corded electric model. These types of mowers offer some advantages over the gasoline models. Electric mowers come in two different types, corded and cordless, for the purposes of this article I am going to look at the advantages of corded electric lawn mowers. I am also going to let you know about the best selling model, and give you a link to our full review of that model.

Noise Reduction

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, considers 85 decibels to be the limit for prolong exposure to noise. Many gasoline powered lawn mowers operate in the 90- 106 decibel level. This level can cause hearing loss. Adding to this, many people mow while listening to music or audio books. The volume is increased passed safe levels in order for the music to be heard over the mower. Corded electric lawn mowers tend to top out at about 75 decibels, making them a much better option for your hearing. Some models are even in the 60s decibel area.

Cost of Ownership

Although like gasoline powered lawn mowers, corded electric mowers come in a wide range of prices, your true savings come after the purchase. The cost of gasoline will depend on the size of your lawn, and the age of your mower, but the fact is, you are still buying that gas. Electric lawn mowers do not have the added cost of gasoline to keep them operating. They do use a bit of electricity, and the amount is going to depend on the amperage rating of the motor. In general though, a corded electric lawn mower is going to cost less than the gasoline powered alternative.

Corded electric lawn mowers also have the added benefit of not needing oil changes, spark plugs, air filters, and other routine maintenance expenses that go with a gasoline lawn mower. These expenses will vary from $20-$30 to a few hundred dollars each year.

Better for the Environment

Corded electric lawn mowers are better for our planet, and better for your and your family’s health. Small gasoline engines, like those used on lawn mower and other lawn equipment, have become more environmentally friendly, but they are still lagging behind the requirements of automobile engines and spew tons of pollution into the air each year. The Environmental Protection agency, EPA, estimates that a new gasoline power lawn mower puts as much pollution in the air in one hour as 8 new automobiles running for that same hour. It is estimated that 800,000,000 gallons of gasoline are used each year for lawn mowing, and approximately 17,000,000 gallons of that is spilled, evaporating in to our air, and soaking in to our ground water. Switching over to an electric lawn mower is not going to totally eliminate the pollution, but it will drastically reduce it because power plants are highly regulated and the pollution from sourcing, producing and transporting the gasoline to you are eliminated.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower to Buy

If the advantages of switching to an electric mower have been helpful, and you are ready to give one a go. You should start with the best selling GreenWorks 25022 12 amp 20 inch corded electric lawn mower. Many owners are happy with there purchase of this mower. It has a powerful 12 amp motor for cutting through thick grass. The cutting width and powerful motor make this one a great replacement for a gasoline powered lawn mower. You can click on the link to be taken to our full review of the GreenWorks 25022 12 amp 20 inch corded electric lawn mower.

Best Electric Corded Lawn Mower Reviews

Finding the best electric lawn mower for your personal style and yard can be a difficult task. There are small electric lawn mowers, that are great for small yards, or specific areas in large yards, then you have larger sized electric mowers that make a great replacement for your typical gas powered lawn mower. Reading the extensive reviews on this site will help you get a better understanding of which is the right one for you.

Our electric lawn mower reviews take a look at many of the popular models put out by some of the top brands in the world. The brands that are currently covered on this site are Black & Decker, Earthwise, and GreenWorks. If you are in the market for a corded electric lawn mower, one of these top brands will have a model that is perfect for you.

To help decide which of the electric mowers will be a great fit for your lifestyle, you need to keep in mind the size of your lawn and your grass type. If you have a real dense thick grass, you will be better off with a mower that has a higher amp rating, which translates in to more power for cutting through the grass. If you have a small yard, or yard with lots of obstacles, it is most likely that you would not want to go with a 20-inch wide electric lawn mower. Although a wider mower can cut your mowing time down, a larger mower is typically is not as maneuverable compared to a 12-inch mower. It is possible a 16-inch electric mower will be a great balance of the features you want for a good price.